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Get to know the Saints!

"The saints have always been the source and origin of renewal in the most difficult moments in the Church's history."


of the

Catholic Church






Have Fun and Learn about the Saints!

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A Catholic Collectible Card Game!





















St. Cecilia 2

St. Cecilia 2

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Screen Shot 2018-11-22 at 7.48.23 PM




Great for Educators!

“The cards themselves pack in a HUGE amount of info about each featured Saint, amounting to an entire biography in symbols and colors.  I love that there is so much to be learned while playing any version of the game…The possibilities are really limitless and could be adapted to be used with preschoolers all the way through adults.  It's so nice to come across a faithful, well made, flexible game…"


-Katie Bogner

Middle School Religion Teacher

Director of Religious Education

Look to Him and Be Radiant Blog


1500+ Facts in the Base Game Alone!


Endorsed by

Catholic Manly Men

Great for Parish Groups and PSR

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Shawn Mueller.png

A Flexible Homeschool Resource

"I love that there is so much information packed into each card - each of the 12 different colors symbolize something about the saint, the 12 different symbols represent the various months of the liturgical year in which the saints feast days fall, they all list the centuries in which the saints lived and each saints patronage as well - and with all the beautiful images and symbols the little ones can play along too, with just a little help reading the names of each saint! 

According to our 17-year-old son, "It's kind of like UNO, but faith-based and SO MUCH BETTER!"

-Jessica Gordon

Shower of Roses Blog

"...Parents should initiate their children at an early age into the mysteries of the faith of which they are the “first heralds” for their children..."

Quizzing with SaintCards

SaintCards is a tremendous gift to Catholic Families everywhere.

It can be tough to raise our children in the faith, and even harder if it always feels like work.  This game makes learning about the saints and our faith fun.

My 5-year-old wants to play it ALL THE TIME.

He loves the bright colored treasures, and all the cool symbols.  He had them memorized in no time!  What makes this game really special, though, is that it was thoughtfully and carefully created by an incredible family."

-Jonathan Conrad

The Catholic Woodworker

Frequently asked questions

I'm new to SaintCards, what should I purchase first?

We Recommended beginning your SaintCards Collection with a Starter Set that can be played on its own. The Base Game has 106 SaintCards and is our original Starter Set. You can also purchase our 2019 Core/Booster Deck which includes 53 SaintCards and will give you everything you need to play and get started with your collection. Additionally, Historia Cards can be played on their own as well as with SaintCards and can also be a great first purchase.

I am a teacher. How can SaintCards be used in the classroom?

SaintCards are a great supplement for History, Social Studies, or Humanities subjects. You can work with each card individually on a particular feast day and can additionally divide the classroom to host several games at once. Educators have found that 10-15 minutes a day of interaction with the SaintCards is enough to help students of all ages learn historical facts about the Saints.

How can I be sure I am not purchasing any duplicate SaintCards?

SaintCards is a Collectible Card Game (CCG) which means that each set has its own unique cards. For example, the only way to purchase a set with the Apostles is to purchase the Base Game (w/106 SaintCards).

Can you tell me more about how the cards help with memorization?

Sure! SaintCards utilizes an ancient memorization technique known as the "Loci Method". This is the same method used by St. Albert the Great and St. Thomas Aquinas and it helps the learner compartmentalize information in easy to remember numbers, colors, and symbols. In the beginning, players will make associations with these numbers and colors in relation to the central picture/photograph on the cards. In a short time, they will be able to recall which colors and symbols go with each picture and will also be able to remember the numbers as well. The player will then learn what the symbols, colors, and numbers mean (by using the Reference Keys included with each Starter Set) and will then be able to assign meaning to these symbols/signs. For example, as soon as a player learns that the color red means martyr, any time they see red in the game they will know that particular saint was a martyr. As time goes on, more associations will naturally occur. We find that 10-15 minutes of play a day is enough to help students (and adults) learn hundreds of facts about the saints in just a few months. You'll even be surprised when you ask your four-year-old: "Was St. Thomas Aquinas a Doctor of the Church?" and they answer confidently: "Yes!" (Because all they had to remember was that every Doctor is Dark Blue). SaintCards puts colors, numbers, and symbols to practical use to help you memorize facts about the lives of the Saints!

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