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SaintCards: Enrichment Cards Expansion [Set 1]

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Product Details
UPC: 684417826523
Brand: SaintCards
Price Valid Until: 12/31/21
SKU: 20050105

Collect 43 All-New Enrichment Cards and add a strategic element to each SaintCards game you play. Or, use the Enrichment Cards for a fun Saint's Quiz Learning Activity!

In gameplay, you will receive three random Enrichment Cards and must choose one to keep for the remainder of the game. You can use this Enrichment Card to emphasize certain Centuries, Feast Months, or Vocations. The more cards you collect that pertain to your Enrichment card, the more treasure you receive! But don't wait too long. The game could be over before you can cash in!

Helps players of all ages focus on a new valuable genre each time they play the game of SaintCards!

Teaches the History of the Church, the Emphases for each Liturgical Month, and Highlights the many ways Saints have been faithful witnesses through the ages!


  • 43 All-new SaintCards Enrichment Cards (Including Vocations, Liturgy, and Century Focuses!)
  • 6 All-New Yellow Diamond Treasures (Worth 100 Treasures each!)
  • 1 Rulebook
  • 1 Satin Storage Bag

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